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Upcoming 2024 Video Game Releases Coming Soon

Top 2024 Video Games

9 Days until Release
June 04, 2024

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Killer Klowns from Outer Space    
3 vs 7 online survival horror game. The game will host different human classes that players can choose from with unique strengths and weaknesses- Teens , Rednecks, Bikers, Cops, and Punk Rocker. The humans will make up the 7 on one side. The goal for the humans will be to either escape the map, infiltrate clown spaceship and destroy, or survive the whole round. All klowns have the ability to heal themselves with laughter, long jump to already explored locations, and utilize ray guns to turn humans into cotton candy to be hauled back to the ship. The humans have a 45 second window to save themselves from a cocoon with a knife they must find in the environment. Klowns have 5 different classes with their own unique abilities such as balloon dog sniffing, mallets, finger lures, tricycles, one punch knockouts, break through walls, acid pies, and invisible cars.

54 Days until Release
July 19, 2024

PS5   XboxSX   Nintendo SWitch  PC  
College Football 25    
Road to Glory and Dynasty modes have been confirmed. Road to glory allows a created player to play from high school to super star status in college. Storyline and dialogue with decision making is included. Dynasty allows players to select their favorite college team, and play the schedules throughout to the National Championship. Players likenesses and name will be allowed for the first time.

102 Days until Release
September 05, 2024

  XboxSX    PC  
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl    
Stalker 2 is a first person shooter with survival horror elements near the Chernobyl reactor. The game host a dark creepy atmosphere and disturbing mutated enemies. Choices in dialogue will affect the outcome of the game.

Fall 2024

  XboxSX    PC  
A first person shooter, magic and melee RPG where a player investigates a plague in a fantasy land through exploring and dialogue. Skill trees and weapon upgrades are used to prepare the player for advanced combat. The game's emphasis is combat. The player will face choices that will endure consequences. The aesthetics of the game include colorful fantasy world graphics. In between combat, players will roam a world and engage in non playable characters. Conversation choices are available throughout dialogue to reflect a certain personality.


  XboxSX    PC  
Indiana Jones and the Great Circle    
First person, action adventure game where the player must solve puzzles and engage in combat. Players can use stealth to avoid combat in some situations. A whip can be used for combat or traversal in some areas. The camera will switch to third person view during cutscenes and doing certain actions in the game. Locations in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle take place in Egypt, Rome, Thailand and Himalayas.


  XboxSX    PC  
Flight Simulator 2024    
This installment of Flight Simulator will include objective based scenarios to provide a challenge for players. Several of the challenges include: Aerial firefighting, Search and rescue, Helicopter cargo transport, Air ambulance, Agricultural aviation, Mountain rescue Skydive aviation, Aerial construction, Industrial cargo transport, Vip charter service, Air racing, Glider pilot, Scientific research, Experimental flight, Low altitude training, Exectutive transport service, Airship tour, and Hot air balloon trips.

2024 Late

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Star Wars: Outlaws    
Known as the first Open World Star Wars video game. The game takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and and Return of the Jedi. The protagonist is a new character named Kay Vess. Kay is attempting to pull off a heist to begin a new life for herself. Gameplay includes using the laser blaster, or maintaining stealth during missions. You can traverse different planets via Trailblazer (spaceship) and engage in outerspace dogfights. Each planet has cities and outpost with NPCs. Speeders (flying motorbikes) can be used to traverse on each planet. The player can obtain a wanted level if crimes are committed. The game will also track the players reputation which is made from dialogue decisions.


Silent Hill 2    
Silent Hill 2 takes place in Silent Hill, Maine which resembles small town America. The protagonist James Sunderland recieves a mysterious letter from his deceased of 3 years wife, Mary, whom says she is still alive at Silent Hill. The gameplay consistof walking around town searching for keys and maps to progress the storyline. Occasional puzzles to solve would be require depending on difficulty level. Along side of traveling through Silent Hill, are monsters that can be detected with a radio by emitting static. The weapons the player can find are handguns and melee weapons.

Possible 2024

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Remake)    
The plot consist of rescuing a nuclear weapon scientist from the USSR in 1964. The scientist is placed in charge of a Nuclear tank created to end the Cold War.

No Date Released

  XboxSX    PC  
Fable is a well made RPG with swords and magic spells.

No Release Window

  XboxSX    PC  
Clockwork Revolution    
A first person shooter with RPG elements. Clockwork Revolution will utilize time traveling elements to manipulate the environments and outcomes, including in combat. The aesthetics of the game features highly stylish artwork resembling futuristic steam punk design. The game will have deep roleplaying mechanics and players will fully customize their character.