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Highly Rated 2023 Video Games Released so far.

Top 2023  Video Games

(Score: 8.0) - September 19, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Lies of P    
A third person hack and slash set in the world of Pinocchio. The tone of the game is dark and sinister and the protagonist Pinocchio is faced with the falling of the city Krat. He is searching for his creator Geppetto to become a real person. Players have the option to choose "truthful" or "lieng" dialogue that will affect the storyline ending. Weapons include sword and axe, accompanied with robotic arm that can perform various upgrades such as grapple enemies, sticky bombs or flame thrower. Lies of P is described to be "Soulslike", which means it is a Action RPG with a high level of difficult combat. The player is expected to die numerous times in exchange of mastery of the game.

(Score: 8.5) - September 19, 2023

PS5   XboxSX      
Mortal Kombat 1    
Mortal Kombat 1 will feature a story mode, online battles and offline battles. The story mode will feature cinematic sequences and immersive elements. Plot twist, character back stories and rivalries will enhance the story mode.. At launch the game will feature 19 base fighters. Mortal Kombat 1 will include a new feature titled Kameo Fighter, which is a separate chosen character to assist in the fight. The Kameo fighters are different from the base characters. Rollback net code, an advanced development technique, will be featured to help the quality of online battles

(Score: 8.8) - September 06, 2023

  XboxSX    PC  
From the developers of the wildly successful Skyrim, comes a next generation RPG based in outer space. Gameplay includes first or third person shooting, exploring planets (up to 1,000), and flying spaceships that can be customizable. Along with being able to customize the look of your character, players will be able to choose different skill classes such as: medic, bouncer, homesteaders, and professor. Players will be able to join factions, recruit companions, and build outpost.

(Score: 9.5) - September 02, 2023

PS5      PC  
Baldurs Gate 3    
A third person, strategic turn based combat RPG. In between combat are cutscenes with dialogue options. Players can create their player and team up with up to 3 friends. A main storyline along with optional side quest are available for completion. Baldurs Gate 3 is known for its extensive interactive options, dramatic cutscenes and large environments to explore. Baldurs Gate 3 is set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

(Score: 8.5) - August 25, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon    
Mech robot shooter with a storymode and 3 v 3 or 1 vs 1 online multiplayer. Mech robots can fly around with rocket boosters, and use rifles and laser blasters. Player will fully customize mech robots with weaponry in between combat to accommodate personal playing styles. Alot of time will be spent making adjustments by purchasing new parts and weapons to your mech robot. The plot revolves around the protagonist, a independent company, looking to obtain a powerful substance on a planet named Rubicon 3. The protagonist must combat opposing factions and organizations looking to obtain the substance which is known for extreme capabilities that can advance mankind.

(Score: 8.0) - August 18, 2023

PS5   XboxSX   Nintendo SWitch  PC  
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk    
Complete missions in a game with the same style as Jet Set Radio. Complete tricks on a skateboard, roller blades and bike as you stamp grafiti across a city titled New Amsterdam. The plot revolves around the protagonist got his head taken off and must use a robot head in replacement. The protagonist named 'Red' joines a gang and must complete missions to gain respect and more crew members. In exchange, Red looks to hunt down the person responsible for taking his head off.

(Score: 7.7) - August 18, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Texas Chainsaw Massacre    
4 vs 3 online survival game, that pits four victim survivors vs three leatherface's family members. Stealth will be an emphasis on the survival for the victims.Three maps will be available at launch including the gas station, family house, and slaughterhouse. Every match the players will start in the basement along with Leatherface.When chosen for the Victim side, there are five different characters to choose from. Connie can pick a lock faster, Sonny can listen for sounds and pinpoint their location, Julie cannot be tracked by family while sprinting for shorter periods, Leland can rush and stun family members in an instant, and Ana takes less damage, and immune to poison.The Killer's portion of can choose out of five family members. The Cook can listen for sounds made by the victims, Sissy can craft poison to blow in the victim's faces or contaminate items in environment, The Hitchhiker can setup traps, Johnny can see fresh footprints and Leatherface uses chainsaw to destroy barricade and obstacles. The game will take place before the original movie's events. The game will feature public and private servers so users can play with friends only. Proximity chat will not allow opposing teams to hear each other, to allow for more strategic gameplay. Cross platform play is available for all consoles.

(Score: 7.8) - July 27, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
The Expanse: A Telltale Series    
A story based game where the player must make tough decisions that will effect the entire storyline. Players will explore spaceship settings in third person and mild puzzle solving will be placed in between dramatic sequences. The expanse is based on the television series 'The Expanse' which has been airing on Syfy channel since 2015. The game is a prequel to the show and takes place before the show's timeline. You will take the shoes of the character Camina Drummer. The show's premise is based on humans colonizing the solar system where conflict arises as cold wars set between conspiracies and factions. The publisher will release five different episodes every two weeks from launch.

(Score: 7.8) - July 27, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
F1 Manager 2023    
Manage a Formula one racing crew, from handling financials, ordering parts and hiring talent. Formulate strategies for your driver on the race track and allocate training sessions. One race day, the player has the option to replay the event.

(Score: 8.5) - July 25, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Remnant 2    
A third person shooter and melee where the player is able to choose from different skill classes. Gunslinger focuses on firearm usage, Challenger utilizes a shockwave to damage opponents and Hunter uses a dog companion to attack enemies. All classes have unique abilities. The game is described to be soulslike, which means the player will experience frequent dieng, in exchange for either leveling up character or building more skill through replays.

(Score: 9.0) - July 21, 2023

    Nintendo SWitch    
Pikmin 4    

(Score: 7.7) - July 04, 2023

Use kinesis power in one hand, while holding a gun in the other hand. Environments designed to show off the PSVR 2s 4k abilities. Synapse also utilizes eye tracking technology to aid in combat. Simply look at objects to highlight, and pick up instantly.

(Score: 8.9) - June 22, 2023

Final Fantasy XVI    
A fantasy RPG with real time combat using hack and slash and magic. With a deep storyline, it is the first Final Fantasy with a Mature rating, as Final Fantasy 16 features dark themes of sex and violence. Final Fantasy 16 features around 50 hours of gameplay. The game offers a option to focus on the storyline, and skip intense combat gameplay. Storyline assistance is available to make sure you are never lost in the story.

(Score: 8.1) - June 06, 2023

PS5   XboxSX      
Amnesia: The Bunker    
First person survival horror game where you must escape a World War 1 bunker. The environment is open world and must survive monsters that lurk by using tools and stealth.

(Score: 8.9) - June 06, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Diablo 4    
Diablo is a over the head, hack n slash and magic x combat rpg. Players must carefully level up and loot for difficult foes. Players will casually encounter other players in the same zone as the game branches into online co-op.This new installment will allow for PvP battles in certain zones to collect in game currency and loot.

(Score: 9.4) - June 02, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Street Fighter 6    
The new Street Fighter 6 is coming with new modern elements such as a Battle Hub, where players create custom avatars and browse in virtual environments with up to 100 players. The mode emphasizes socializing with fellow players, initiate fight challenges, and gift shops. One of the pictures show a DJ playing music on turntables. Also new is commentary during matches similar to sports games. Alot of the characters are revamped with hip dance moves and flashy personalities. An alternative option to online play is a single player RPG mode that includes a storyline and the ability to customize your own fighter. The game launched with 18 fighters, 6 of them are brand new to the series. Button layout for controllers can allow special moves to be pressed with one button, making the game enjoyable for new comers.

(Score: 7.7) - May 16, 2023

PS5   XboxSX   Nintendo SWitch  pc  
Lego 2K Drive    
Create concept cars or boats brick by brick, then complete a story mode, tournament, or open world quest in Lego 2K Drive racing game. Up to six players can play online or two player splitscreen at home. The story mode consist of a rookie driver gaining fame by defeating charismatic opponents, and becoming famous to compete against the number one driver. The open world titled "Bricklandia" is home to various environments including deserts, fields, valleys and waterways. The environment is destructible. Part of the gameplay consist of your vehicle transforming from a land vehicle to water vehicle instantly.

(Score: 8.7) - May 16, 2023

A unique puzzle game where you guide hordes of people through obstacle courses. The game features over 90 different stages and includes enemies with bossfights. There is also a stage creator.

(Score: 10.0) - May 12, 2023

    Nintendo SWitch    
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom    
One of Nintendo's flagship titles, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a third person RPG based in a open world in forest with mountains and floating land masses. In this installment, Link is equipped with new abilities for exploring the land and engaging in combat. Link is able to execute "Recall": which rewinds objects in time to its previous state. The next ability is "Fuse", where the player can blend two objects together to craft a whole new item. "Ascend", which allowed the player to burst through ceilings when indoors.

(Score: 7.8) - May 04, 2023

Propagation: Paradise Hotel    
Survival horror shooter that takes place in a hotel where a terrible virus have turned the inhabitants into deadly brutes. The protagonist is looking for their sister in the dreaded resort. Collaborate with Your ally and choose to confront or avoid enemies. Stealth and puzzle solving elements will be required to rescue your sister out of the hotel. The game has similar aesthetics to early Resident Evil games.

(Score: 8.7) - April 28, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor    

(Score: 7.7) - April 21, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Dead Island 2    
This installment of the franchise will take place in Los Angeles where up to 3 players can team up online. In Dead Island, players take on quest and level up by killing hordes of zombies. Melee weapons can be crafted and modified to increase chances of survival. Ability cards can be collected to add advantages to your character's load out. Dead Island 2 is a series of linear maps in different sections of Los Angeles, unlike being open world.

(Score: 8.8) - April 20, 2023

Amid Evil VR    
A fantasy world with retro aesthetics, Amid Evil VR features seven episodes each with different environments. The game revolves around rescuing weapons and lands from evil. Various weapons can be obtained such as magical blast from hands to melee attacks with swords. To pay homage to retro games, cheat codes can be entered to dominate the adversaries. The game is a port to VR from the 2D version that recieved 95% positive reviews on Steam.

(Score: 9.0) - April 13, 2023

A 5 vs 5 online shooter, Breachers has similar gameplay to Rainbow Six Seige. One side name the 'Revolters', prepares to guard a bomb from the opposing side named the Enforcers. There is also traditional death match mode with the option of respawning. Door blockers, trip mines and proximity sensors can be used to fend off the offense. The Enforcers are able to rappel walls, bust through windows, blast walls and use drones to spy on opposing team. Weapon arsenal includes Shotguns, SMGs, pistols flashbangs and Assault Rifles. At launch, 3 maps host the battle grounds. A modern villa in the middle of nature where the Revolters are defending important information about attacks. A broadcast station inside a skyscraper, where the Revolters are planning to broadcast propaganda. Finally an industrial warehouse where Team Deathmatch presents itself. The developer is also including a 3 person spectating mode for friends and streamers.

(Score: 7.7) - April 11, 2023

    Nintendo SWitch  PC  
Tron: Identity    
A story adventure where the player must choose who to ally or become enemies with, and dialogue decisions that will result in good or bad endings. The plot is centered around a detective whom must find out about a break in The Repository of a new Grid.

(Score: 9.5) - March 24, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Resident Evil 4 Remake    
Enhanced remake of the 2005 version of Resident Evil 4. A third person over the shoulder view, shooter where the player must solve puzzles and occasionally protect the presidents daughter. Resident Evil 4 features updated environments, characters and gameplay mechanics. New mechanics include the ability to reload while moving, parrying and counter attacks. The knife in the remake now has a durability meter, which the player must fix or replace at the merchant.

(Score: 7.9) - March 24, 2023

PS5   XboxSX   Nintendo SWitch    
MLB The Show 23    

(Score: 7.9) - March 21, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Deceive Inc    
First person, colorful shooter mainly designed for online player vs player. You can play solo or in teams of three. Players are encouraged to blend in with the environment by using disguise and stealth mechanics to complete objectives by tricking opponents. Players can choose from different agents, each with their own unique set of abilities.

(Score: 7.9) - March 21, 2023

PS5      PC  
A third person Open World exploration on tropical islands where the protagonist is searching for her kidnapped father. The player will parkour, and hang glide throughout various locales. The player is tasked with solving puzzles that occasionally require possessing different animals or objects.

(Score: 8.8) - March 14, 2023

  XboxSX    PC  
Valheim (preview)    
A third person survival game, where users must craft weapons and homes in order to survive as Vikings. The Vikings are thriving to prove themselves worthy to live in Valhalla by ridding the evils of the region as players must defeat bosses of regions. It is a survival, open world where players must build houses and hunt to stay alive. The objective of the game is to defeat six different bosses to prove the land of Valheim you are worthy to stay there. Weapons include spears and bows. Players can team up with up to 10 players online and it is optional for PvP action.

(Score: 8.0) - March 14, 2023

PS5   XboxSX      
WWE 2K23    

(Score: 8.5) - March 09, 2023

Guardians Frontline    
A sci fi shooter that combines strategy game elements such as placing turrets, robots and energy shields in strategic spots. The game can be played in a solo campaign, or a 4 person online coop. The game also features a 4 vs 4 PVP mode. The protagonist are aliens that are looking to take over the galaxy as you play with humans equipped with assault rifles and vehicles to traverse in.

(Score: 9.0) - March 04, 2023

Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2    

(Score: 7.7) - February 23, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Company of Heroes 3    

(Score: 8.0) - February 21, 2023

After the Fall    
Solo or 4 player co-op, slaying hordes of zombies in a cinematic campaign. The player will craft and upgrade weapons using in game currency and engage in boss fights. Players will use handguns and assault rifles, along with molotovs and grenades. In between missions, players can interact with others in a lobby with up to 32 users. Los Angeles has been taken over by zombies in the 1980's due to a designer drug causing an outbreak. The player must team up (A.I. or real players) to overcome the hordes of zombies to take the city back. After the Fall has been described as a Left 4 Dead clone, which means team based zombie horde survival.

(Score: 8.0) - February 21, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Atomic Heart    
A first person shooter with RPG elements, based in alternate version of a technogically advanced Soviet Union in the 1950's. Players use melee and rifles to combat aggressivly rushing robots.Players are equipped with a advanced glove that can perform powerful alternative attacks, advanced environment scanning and magnetic looting that easily opens doors for mass easy looting. The protagonist is called upon to rid of robots that were intended to be human helpers, which are now mysteriously programmed to kill humans.

(Score: 8.0) - February 21, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Like a Dragon Ishin    

(Score: 7.8) - February 17, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Wild Hearts    
A third person RPG where players must hunt down giant monsters. The game is easily compared to the Monster Hunter franchise but uses different elements and mechanics added to the gameplay.

(Score: 8.6) - February 10, 2023

PS5   XboxSX   Nintendo SWitch  PC  
Hogwarts Legacy    
An open world RPG set in the Wizarding World from the Harry Potter series. Players will attend Hogwarts School to learn magic spells and take on quest in the open world. Players can befriend NPCs at the school and make tough decisions in character dialogue. The story is new and separate from the Harry Potter stories. Players will customize their own character and progressively level up their attributes.

(Score: 7.9) - January 31, 2023

PS5      PC  
Season: A Letter to the Future    
Primarily a story game where the bulk of the gameplay consist of exploring the world on a bicylce, conversing with NPCs and taking pictures. The story is based on the protagonist rushing to document her surroundings before a cataclysmic event occur. It is also her first time leaving the village she lived in her entire life.

(Score: 9.0) - January 27, 2023

PS5   XboxSX    PC  
Dead Space    
A remake of the original 2008 Dead Space game. The game retains the same plot as the original, however the graphical and performance upgrades are of current generation expectations. The studio cites the success of Resident Evil 2 remake convinced the production of this Dead Space title. Environments and characters are much more graphically detailed and the realism of physics add intensity to the creepy atmosphere of Dead Space.

(Score: 8.7) - January 25, 2023

  XboxSX    PC  
Hi Fi Rush     
Primarily a hack n slash mixed with platforming, Hi Fi Rush adds musical time based button pressing to the equation. The on beat button pressing attacks reward the player with higher damage points and complete musical instrumentation over a beat. The plot involves a young man seeking a technology company to repair a disabled arm using new cyber kinetic technology. However they accidentally implant a music player in his chest cavity and is now able to live the world in rhythm. The company realizes the mistake and is rushing to capture the protagonist with force as the player fights to escape.