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Dustborn Gameplay Image


PS5   XboxSX    PC   

Genre: Story
ESRB Rating: Pending
Players: 1
Release Date: August 20, 2024
Developed By: Red Thread
Published By: Quantic Dream
Last Updated: 2024-06-11 11:11:17
By: Jon MainEvent

Dustborn Cover Art

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Dustborn Gameplay

Gameplay Pictures
Dustborn​ Gameplay Image #1 Dustborn Gameplay Image #2 Dustborn Gameplay Image #3

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Gossip and Reception

Dustborn is Developed by a Norway studio, also responsible for the Dreamfall Chapters, episodes released in 2014. Dreamfall Chapters received average score in the 7 out of 10 range. The Publisher Deep Silver is notorious for Saints Row 4 and Saints Row 2022 Remake and the Dead Island franchise.

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A story driven adventure, where the player is faced with dialogue choices with consequences. Mold relationships based on the dialogue you choose. player can also explore environments and complete quest. Combat is brawler style with melee weapons and powerups. Dialogue can be used to manipulate combat to your advantage. Discouraging enemies or motivating teammates by selecting powerful statements. Environments will include iconic North American locations.

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In the year 2030, the Protagonist, Pax is hired to transport a package across a dystopian America. The player must assemble a crew to roll with on the trip. Pax is chased down by antagonist group, and must recruit tough crew members to assist in the journey.

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Official Summary

"Lead a band of misfits and outcasts on a thrilling road-trip across a Divided States of America. A story- driven action- adventure about hope, love, friendship, robots…and the power of words. It's 2030, three decades after the Broadcast. You play Pax: ex- con, con-artist, outcast. You’ve been hired to transport a mysterious package from Pacifica to Nova Scotia, across the Justice- controlled American Republic. But this is not a one- woman job. The fanatical Puritans are on your ass, the authoritarian Justice is in your way, you’re an outlawed Anomal, and you’re four- months pregnant. You need help. You need a crew. Recruit a band of misfits and outcasts with the power of words. Together you might survive this road trip…unless you destroy yourselves first. At the end of the day, there is no hope…"

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